Cyprus to Beijing then to Yantai & Kunyu

So here I will give you some details about my journey to the Kung Fu school which took me 35 hours to arrive.

First of all, I had the wedding of one my best friends at the same night of my flight. But it didn’t make me not to go to the wedding (That’s me with the blue shirt 🙂 )

All the best guys :)

Ok, i had the flight at 01.50 so I left the wedding at 22.10 in order to go to Larnaca airport. In order to do this, I have to cross the border and catch a taxi to the bus which leaves to Larnaca airport at 23.00. Needless to say, the wedding was in Kyrenia which is 20 minutes away from Nicosia and the border. On the way to the border, I called my taxi to wait me at the cross point and I called the bus company to tell them I am on my way coming 🙂 Hopefully, I did reach just on time and when I say just on time, it was literally just on time 😀 I arrived, use the WC and we just left the station to the airport. I was the only in the bus, so it was like a vip bus to the airport 🙂

I was just on time to the airport and I did my check-in silky smooth and passed the security as well. The thing was, I had hunger because we left the wedding before the main meals had arrived. So I bought water and some snacks to eat and I had some with me because of the long journey time. (This is me waiting for my flight at Larnaca airport while charging my phone)

Everything was going well until that moment but I had some unlucky moments too. The first one is the black pillow you see on the photo (which I just bought from Amazon) had a leak, a little hole, so that I couldn’t use it properly. Luckily, I mailed amazon from Moscow airport and they refunded me. We arrived to Moscow airport at 05.50 and I had my first long wait here. My second flight to Beijing was at 12.25. Luckily I found a bench which I was able to lay, so that I slept till 09.30. But from that moment, nothing to do there, so I just walked around, sit, tried reading my book and waited to my time to come.

So, the flight which was 6.30 hours have passed well. The plane wasn’t full and I was sitting in a two seated row alone.

So, I arrived to China Beijing at the local time 01.00 in the morning. I had come Beijing before in 2014 but it wasn’t midnight like this and I remember we had waited for a long time to pass the security. Here, I just filled my arrival card and after that I have just passed the security in 10 minutes.

I was at the airport and it was around 01.40 am. So I grabbed some money (200) from an ATM and bought some fruits and a bottle of water.

My plan was to go to the train station directly from the airport and wait there for my train which was at 07.10 in the morning. I bought my train ticket online and this was the best option as the next train to Yantai was at 13.00 or something, so I thought better to wait a couple of hours (5 hours) and then directly go to Yantai with the 1st train. I got out of the airport in order to get a taxi to the train station. While getting my backpack in the airport, I had read some useful information about the taxis in Beijing. So, I was outside, I asked the officer or thought they were one that I want to go Beijing South Railway Station. There was a guy waiting as well, he said he is a taxi and he can take me. I said ok but how much and he said 250 RMB. I replied that it is too much and I have seen that we are walking to the parking lot of the airport so I understood he is a black cap, so I returned back. He keep coming and telling me that he will open the taximeter. Nah a big lie. So I have gone to the taxi line again and I was the first on the line. I got a taxi and I told him I want to go to Beijing South Railway Station but he did not understand a word. Meanwhile the black cap driver was there telling ‘I know where to go, let’s go’. But I am lucky that my mobile data is free upto 5GB, so I found the name in Chinese and showed it to the taxi driver, so we started going to the station. I tried to ask him how much approximately it will cost but he kept showing the taximeter 🙂

As you can see, I was sitting in front of the cab. It was a rainy and a foggy night but not to much. There was no traffic as it was 02.20 in the morning.  I was thinking about the train station and what will I do there till 07.10. So, in a sudden, our Chinese driver didn’t see that the road is going to divide as left and right with a pavement passing in between. We were both lucky that the roads were empty  when we made the accident as the driver has seen the pavement the last moment but couldn’t get away from it, so both the right side wheels hit the pavement and we flied back to the road. I have seen it was coming but I had nothing to do as the control of the car was in the hands of the poor Chinese driver. So, he stopped to check what happened and saw that he needs two new tyres to the car. I was lucky again that, another taxi has seen us and stopped to help me. At least I paid the guy what the taximeter said which was 98RMB.

I have gone to the station with the second taxi driver thinking that the accident happened because of the black cap driver. I guessed he cursed the taxi driver, because I choosed to go with the official driver, not him. Nevertheless, when we arrived to the station, I have seen that it is closed, so I had to wait 2 hours till the opening outside of the station. There were couple of people waiting as well when I have reached there.

So, I waited till 05.00 in the morning to the station to open. When it opened, I found the ticket office to get my ticket and waited there as well till 06.00 Then I had some breakfast with KFC breakfast food. I had to eat this kind of food as there was nothing more in the train station at 06.00 in the morning.

I had a good journey to Yantai, I slept the most of the journey. My ticket was not a window one, but the Chinese lady asked for my ticket in order to be able to sit with her friends, so that we switched after half an hour the train embarked, and I changed my compartment. From here, if she reads this one day, I tell her ‘hi’.

When we arrived to Yantai, the lady from the Kung Fu school was waiting for me. There was two of us that arrived, me and a guy from Utah, USA and we arrived to the school area without any more troubles or so……

So, this was my journey from the beginning to Yantai. Now it is a Saturday and the school is holiday, so I found time to write my story. Now I will be waiting my training at the school.

Do not afraid to travel alone, I always tell, there are many of us travelling alone, it is not something to be afraid of but the opposite, it will make you stronger.


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