China 2017 Started

IMG_20170623_171931So, after like 35 hours on planes, taxis, busses, airports, I arrived to Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Martial Arts Academy. I will be training Wing Chun here for a month. As I arrived on friday, I did a good jog around the town with a total 9.5k I don’t want to get tired a lot as I know that, during the week days the training here is so though as the other students are saying. We will see that soon!! As a Saturday now, it is a very relaxing and laid back Saturday but for sure I will go for another running session. The surroundings around the school and the town is so beautiful with the views of the mountains around. The town is not crowded and it is very quiet. You can not even tell that you are in China as no one is around 🙂 So, for now this is my official first day at the school and in the picture I put, you can see the Chinese woman selling fruits in front of the school which I trade after my run finished yesterday.


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